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Turning Interest into Action

Established in January 2016, iLift Nonprofit is a United States-based nonprofit nonpartisan organization on a mission to empower school-aged to middle and high school students to develop positivity, self-confidence, and self-esteem and make better life choices through a spectrum of mentoring, guidance, and supplies programs. With a team of highly experienced professionals and volunteers, we emphasize career, community, and culture.

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We Create Transformative
Life Changes

We Build & Create

Despite coming from impoverished neighborhoods with little to no guidance, our founders focused on attending school and getting a better education. For this reason, we understand the importance of making better decisions in bringing transformative life changes.

We Aim to Help

What you do before leaving high school has a crucial role in your future. That’s why our goal is to help students increase their value in their community, family and future career by ensuring they attend school and realize their goals and dreams.

We mentor

At iLift Nonprofit, our focus is to give children an opportunity to positively change the trajectory of their lives. We leverage our mentoring and guiding skills to address issues that may hinder young kids from accessing quality education.

We Advise & Equipt

Through compassion and mindfulness advising, we equip them with concrete knowledge to matriculate beyond high school and college.

Our Mission


We believe that we can change more lives with you.

Our mission is to empower young kids to make better decisions in their lives and matriculate beyond high school and colleges through a series of mentoring, guidance and supplies programs that emphasize career, community, and culture.


Our vision is to be the global champion of a better life by motivating school-aged to high school students to make better choices and access quality education.

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